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Distinguishing Portfolio Management, Program Management, and Project Management

There is often a misunderstanding, and hence a mixed and overlapping use of terms, when it comes to program management. Sometimes a program is called a project. Sometimes a project is called a program. In addition, sometimes project portfolio and program are mistakenly used interchangeably. This article is intended to clarify the main differences and to distinguish the unique aspects of project portfolios, programs, and projects.

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Use Organization Strategy to Drive Project Portfolio Management

Business or organizational strategy is intended to drive all decisions within an organization. It provides a direction, a rallying point, and a litmus test for decisions at all levels. The best organizations make sure their initiatives are in alignment with their strategic plan, so becoming familiar with the strategic plan is invaluable to project, program, and project portfolio managers.

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Affiliate Program Management Software

How Affiliate Program Management Software can be used to dramatically increase the exposure, the customer base and the referrals to your web site and to your product resulting in a tremendous increase in sales for very little risk or cost.

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Introduction to Affiliate Marketing - Part 2/2

A brief history of affiliate marketing, the compensation models and how to operate an affiliate program via affiliate networks, in-house and outsourced program management.

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Top 6 Challenges for Portfolio Managers

Several factors including globalization, recent technology developments, and recent recession brought several challenges to Project Portfolio management. This article highlights the top 6 challenges that the Portfolio Managers face today.

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In most of the organizations projects and program management techniques are work like an engine. Project comes into an existence especially when our experts want to do something new. Apart from successful completion of the project it is also very important to understand all the benefits of good project management system.

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