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3 Ways Of Making A Home Projector Screen

Here are three ways of making a homemade projector screen

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Movie-like home theater projectors for entertainment within your reach

Going to the movies is a common and most popular recreation especially for young professionals living a very stressful life of running corporate affairs. However, for some who cannot afford to waste the time traveling to and from movie theaters, the answer to this recreational endeavor might be just inside your own living room.

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Common Mistakes You Should Avoid During Football Viewing Parties

Now that the professional and college football season is back in swing, you may be thinking about throwing a viewing party. It would surprise you to learn how many small things are overlooked that can take the fun out of a viewing party. This article will go over four common mistakes made at football viewing parties.

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Fast-fold projector screens are easy to use

The most important advantage of the fast fold projector screen is that they are portable and you can use them in many occasions like school dance and for giving presentations. The metal tube in the fast fold projector screen that helps to hold the fabric screens and so, they do not need any tripod screen.

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