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Manufacturing Public Relations firm TR Cutler, Inc. Increases Staff

Ranked as the nation’s leading manufacturing public relations firm, TR Cutler, Inc. ( based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, announced a 25% growth rate over the past twelve months. According to Cutler, “Manufacturing has seen a huge rebound over the past two years and the influx of young, business savvy manufacturing CEO’s, Marketing Directors, Communications professional, have given way to a huge increase in PR business. The vital role of telling the manufacturing story has caught on and we expect to see continued revenue growth in excess of 50% in 2006.”

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The Advantages of Hiring a Public Relations Firm

One of the age-old questions in PR has always been, do I need an outside PR service provider, or can I do it in-house or on my own? This question has never been more relevant than in this day and age of Google, the 24-hour news cycle, and social media. For a range of reasons, the answer is yes.

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Digital PR: Speaking the marketing language of the web

We're a world going digital and the traditional public relations firm is transitioning to the web: find out what this means for the future of your business.

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