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Suit Design Software: Helping Brands Tackling Recommerce Wave

Our suit design tool operates on a similar basis as it lets your buyers design their apparel through a digital medium, thus, ensuring minimal wastage & less recycling requirements.

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Enhance Employee and Customer Confidence

Everyone has security needs. However, the perceived need for security is higher in certain professions as well as in certain crime prone areas. Recent events have shown that even places which were previously thought to be naturally secured, such as schools, cinema halls and churches, can witness horrific shooting incidents and abominable bloodshed.

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Growing to Know and Love Mary from a Worldwide Perspective

Many of us have an “image” of Mary that comes immediately to mind when we offer prayers to the intercession of the Blessed Mother of Jesus. In my mind, Mary looks a lot like a younger version of many of the important women in my own life. For many, images of classic Madonnas by Rafael or sweet holy card remembrances are the face of Mary. Despite her “look”, worldwide devotion to Mary remains constant.

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10 Simple Things To Make Yourself A HARD TARGET

Recent events have shocked the world and left ... exposed and ... However, we ... some simple ... in our daily lives to make ... a "Hard Target" for ... (and

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10 Memory Loss Remedies for Effective and Permanent Cure

Memory is a vital part of our life, and loss of memory may be a sign of serious illness. Know the top ten remedies for memory loss.

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Is Affirmative Action Reverse Discrimination?

Claims of reverse discrimination have been around for a while; however, recent events have brought it back into the forefront. With the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the New Haven, CT white firefighters reverse discrimination case, the election of President Obama and the nomination of Sonia Sotomayo, the first Latina to be nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court, some are claiming white men are being discriminated against despite the fact that seven of the nine justices are white men.

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