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Detailed Introduction to Common Enzymes Used in Gene Cloning

The basic technology of genetic engineering is artificial cutting, splicing, and a combination of genes. A gene is a DNA molecule with a certain function. To accurately cut out the DNA linear molecular fragments of different genes, various restriction endonucleases are required.

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The Naming and Characteristics of Restriction Endonucleases

Restriction enzymes, also known as restriction endonucleases, are enzymes that cut double-stranded DNA. Its cutting method is to cut the bond between the carbohydrate molecule and the phosphoric acid, and then create a nick on each of the two DNA strands without damaging the nucleotides and bases.

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Everything You Want to Learn About Restriction Enzymes

Restriction endonucleases (also known as restriction enzymes) were first found in bacteria, but later they were also found in some archaea. Usually, restriction endonucleases cut double-stranded DNA. Each restriction endonuclease will recognize specific DNA sequence.

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