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What is face shield, its Uses, benefits in Covid -19 Pandemic?

At first, when not many instances of the coronavirus disease were accounted for from different places everywhere throughout the world, the utilization of face masks for the overall population was not suggested. Face masks were to be utilized by clinical experts, or individuals who had side effects of the disease. However, as new data about the infection began to come in, it was discovered that asymptomatic individuals might be driving the spread of the virus and the virus droplets could spread further than the 6 feet distance in any case set by governments all around the globe.

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24 Face Masks We Like to Wear

The current situation of the world has not been easy for the people. The pandemic has affected millions of people all around the world, killing thousands of people and infecting 65% of the world's population according to the latest research of WHO (world health organization).

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