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Six Best Selling Family Cars

Six best-selling family cars. All rank among the top in safety and performance.

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The Importance of Car Safety

Car safety has most assuredly improved through the years since the debut of the automobile. The founders of the industry would be truly astounded at all the features now available on our main form of transportation. The birth of the combustion engine has changed our lives and in most dramatic way. It has allowed us to journey to places that would otherwise have taken weeks or months to reach. Many changes have taken place over the years, and improving car safety has always been one of the main focuses of the industry.

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What Is A Car Safety Rating, And What Car Brands Have The Highest Rating?

What is a car safety rating? A car safety rating is a measure of how safe a car is. This rating is determined by looking at the performance of the car in crash tests. Car brands with the highest safety ratings are considered to be the safest cars on the market.

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