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Lessons from a Shock Jock Why is Mike Makler the Coolest Guy in the Universe?

This Tongue in cheek Article shows how by using 7 Simple Steps Mike Makler Proclaimed and Branded himself The Coolest Guy in the Universe. The steps Mike Makler Used to Brand Himself the Coolest Guy in the Universe and Obtain a Number 1 Page Ranking in Yahoo for the Coolest Guy in the Universe can be used by anyone to create a Brand. just do a Yahoo Search on "the Coolest Guy in the Universe" (don't forget the Double Quotes) and see if Mike Makler is still number 1.

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Satellite Radio & Shock Jocks: Shock Jocks: Howard Stern – Bad Boy of the Airwaves

The term “Shock Jock” has become well known since the 1980s. These bad boys of the airwaves have happily stomped on and ... the FCC ... to the delight - and at times, disgust of their

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