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Dow Disaster - Selling A Business in Trouble Times

Selling a business during the Dow crashing and troubled financial times seems a daunting task. The silver lining is the three factors that are discussed in this article which making a business sale even more possible than one would think - at a higher price than one would think.

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The Silver Twinkle in Holiday 2001

After a ... year for dot coms, some good news has finally emerged. A year of downbeat new releases has ... with a very ... up note, brining cheer to Net ... Call it whatever

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The Key to Prevent Harmful Effects to Your Health

Did you know that what you think directly affects how you feel? The concept of a mind-body connection is mind boggling, but study after study proves it is so. Researchers not only say that positive thinking and optimism improve specific aspects of your health, but they also improve overall health. These studies indicate that optimism results in stronger, healthier relationships and better physical, emotional, and mental health.

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Online Property Auction: Turning Misfortune into a Fortune

While it's difficult to imagine finding a silver lining in someone's financial difficulty, the fact is that repossessions and liens can be turned to your advantage. These houses often wind up in an online property auction, open to bids from the public.

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