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Home Sweet Home! Simple Tips To Homecare

Nobody wants mud, dirt, leaves being carried around their home by guests (and others), and the best way to stop it is with a door mat!

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The article has been written by Komal Doley. She is working as a Social Media Executive and writes for Olive Global which is a Digital Agency based in Delhi. She loves to share her knowledge and experience through blogs and articles.

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The American Standard Americast Bathtub

This article is specifically about the Americast bathtub from American Standard.

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Give a Classy and Elegant Look to Your Home with Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are the tiles that are in vogue now-a-days. These are basically manufactured from the stone slate that is a sedimentary rock integrating volcanic ash and clay. These are also preferred as they are considered to be the best insulators of heat and electricity.

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How to Avoid Slippery Kitchen Floor in Restaurants

Nothing's more dangerous, or costly, than a greasy restaurant kitchen floor. Slips, trips or falls account for up to 15% or more of all workers compensation costs.

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