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Effect of Raw Material on Quality of ERW Carbon Steel Pipe

Factors affecting the quality of raw materials are mainly mechanical properties of steel instability, strip surface defects and geometric size deviation of three aspects, therefore, should be from these three aspects of key control.

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How to Prevent Cracking of the Weld Seam of High Frequency Welded Pipe?

Method to prevent cracking of weld seam of high frequency welded pipe

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Metal Streamline Shape of High Frequency Welded Pipe

Among the various forms of the weld, the metal streamline is an important display feature. It is a special shape of crystalline structure, which is formed by partially molten or semi-melted metal under high-temperature conditions and pressure. It is also a welding extrusion. The comprehensive manifestation of force size and direction, line energy and welding speed, has fixed metallurgical characteristics.

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