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“5 Tips for a Successful Book Launch”

Do you know how to effectively launch your book through online retailers such as and Barnes & Read on to find 6 tips that can mean the difference between flat sales and a bestseller.

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Who Are the Right People for a Micro-Niche Boutique?

Business niches have long been a staple strategy for practice growth. Today, clients are seeking a higher level of expertise in professional and financial service providers. Building a micro-niche boutique in the firm can make you the only game in town. Yet knowing who are the right people around whom to build a micro-niche boutique can still be a challenge. Here are the answers you need.

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The 8 Essential Elements Of Writing A Winning Book Proposal: How To Get A Book Publish

The first step in the publishing process is catching the interest of a book agent and the book publishing company. Your goal is to make them want to publish your book. You accomplish this with your book proposal. Your book proposal should identify what your book is about, how long it is, its target audience, who you are (credibility), etc. Your successful book proposal should contain 8 essential elements.

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