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Stomach Cancer FAQs: Do your Symptoms indicate Gastric Cancer?

Do you know the symptoms of stomach cancer are subtle, and, often it is difficult to recognize the signs of gastric cancer in the early stages? Find more about stomach cancer and learn when to visit a surgical gastroenterologist for cancer treatment.

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Childhood Gastrointestinal Cancer: Save our Children

In addition to leukemia, brain tumor, and bone cancer, young children are at risk of developing GI cancers. Learn more about pediatric gastrointestinal cancer and spread awareness. Remember that early detection and early treatment can save our children.

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Fight Against GI Cancer: Why A Surgical Gastroenterologist is Necessary for GI Surgeries?

Did you know that in addition to removing the cancerous tumor, GI cancer surgeries involve complex resection of the remaining organs of the GI tract? Find out why a surgical gastroenterologist will confirm the success of a GI cancer surgery.

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Liver Resection Surgery: Essential for removing Benign and Cancerous Tumor 

Understand how liver resection surgery is useful in treating liver cancer and other benign tumors in the organ.

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Hemorrhoids Treatment: Why visit a GI Surgeon for Piles Problem?

Are you concerned about your health due to recurring piles problems? Learn more about what causes hemorrhoids and why an experienced surgical gastroenterologist is crucial for treating piles and hemorrhoids.

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How to reduce the risk for Esophageal Cancer?

Esophageal cancer is one of the most common cancerous diseases in India. To reduce your risk of getting the disease, you can modify your behavior and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about how to prevent cancer of the esophagus.

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