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Swap Meets - A Fun Way To Make Money On The Weekends

Looking for a way to make extra money, meet lots of interesting people, spend quality time with your family, enjoy the great outdoors ... and do it all without missing a day of work? Or maybe your goal is to make two or three-day weekends the only working days of the week. You may be able to do all of that and more as a Swap Meet/Flea Market marketer! You can find regularly scheduled Swap Meets and Flea Markets in cities and towns of all sizes across the nation, each attracting many hundreds, even thousands of bargain hunters. They may be held at the local drive-in theatre, in large parking lots, warehouses, parks, and community centers - just about anywhere there's enough room to put up some booths and bring in a crowd. The majority of the time these meets are held on weekends, although in some locations you can find them starting on Thursdays and running four consecutive days. Swap meets and flea markets are fun, profitable, and can be a great launching pad for your business. Many people who began with Swap Meet sales have gone on to open Gift Shops, or run sizeable Mail Order businesses. A SWAP MEET BY ANY OTHER NAME…

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Craft Fairs, Bazaars & Flea Markets…Oh, My!

Many names are ... with events such as these. Craft Fairs, Bazaars, Flea Markets and Swap Meets are a few names you can find. Whatever the ... all mean the same thing. They allow you to

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