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Breathing: An Ideal Marriage of the Nervous and Respiratory Systems

The nervous system controls the flow of air into and out of the lungs. The nervous system ensures that the unconscious breathing process is carried out in a regular pattern and rate. The respiratory centre: The respiratory begins in this centre located in the brain stem. The centre is made up of a cluster of nerve cells. Simultaneous signals are dispatched by these cells to rib muscles, the diaphragm, and those muscles that are involved in inhalation.

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Standards for Building Ventilating

Heating ventilation and air conditioning system is designed to keep occupants comfortable and healthy by controlling the amount of outside air that is added to the building atmosphere, filtering both incoming and recirculated air to remove particulates and controlling the temperature. The HVAC system includes all heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment serving a building.

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New Energy Vehicle Heat Pump Air Conditioning Technology in China

The development of new energy vehicles has been paid more and more attention globally in recent years. Heat pump air conditioners have become the future development trend in the field of new energy vehicles

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MP3 for Cars: The Music to go with

Due to the increase knowledge and technological advancement in Electronic and Automobile industry, you can enjoy fabulous music while driving.

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Electronic Business

Electronic Business is a business procedure that depends on computerized information techniques. Web based technology gives life to Electronic business or e-Business. Lou Gerstner, Chief executive officer of IBM executed the term "e-Business". E-business techniques facilitate companies to connect their domestic and peripheral data processing systems, and efficiently satisfy the expectations of their clients.

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