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Immigration Law Basics

Attorney Rivera will relentlessly pursue justice for our clients. As a criminal and immigration attorney with over 20 years of experience.

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Working in Dubai

A guide to working in Dubai for anyone contemplating making a step into the unknown and a look at all the highlights and benefits Dubai offers expatriate professionals.

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How to Get an Immigrant Visa From Portugal

If you are planning to visit Portugal, you must know about the various visa requirements. Visas for a tourist visiting Portugal are different from the one required for an investment activity. Investment activities in Portugal involves the investment of money and there are several rules and regulations related to investment in Portugal.

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Who Is Covered by a UK Tier 5 Visa?

You may want to know, “Who is covered by a UK Tier 5 visa?” There are two main groups of people who are covered. People seeking temporary work applications may apply under this level of visa.

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New Australian Immigration Rules Endangers 20,000 Visas.

New immigration rules have left 20,000 Indian applied for Australian Visa shattered. Now, migrants have to secure more points in tests. Also those students under temporary visa regime will have to go home if they found unable to produce visa sponsors in the specified time.

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Immigration Lawyer – Visas for Victims of Violent Crimes

U.S. immigration laws offer a special temporary visa for the victims of violent crimes. Created in 2000 through an amendment to the Violence Against Women Act, U visas are for victims of violent crime who cooperate with law enforcement in the investigation or prosecution of the crime.

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