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Guillotine Cutter Safety - Don't Cut Off Your Fingers

If there's a hazard in any office or workroom, it's the guillotine paper-cutter. Every year, hundreds of people across the country have paper cutter accidents that could have easily been prevented if simple safety rules had been followed and common sense had been used.Luckily, every paper cutter has three important safety features that can be used to avoid an accident. These features are...

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Guillotine Paper Cutter Safety - 3 Important Features

It goes without saying that using a guillotine-type paper cutter can be dangerous. Every single person who uses the a guillotine style paper cutter, from children to volunteers to office workers needs to be shown how to use the machine in a safe manner. In the following article we will discuss three of the safety features you should make sure are in place before you decide on a paper cutter for your office.

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Choosing A Guillotine Paper Cutter

If you are considering buying a guillotine style paper cutter you have most likely discovered that there are literally hundreds of options available on the market.This article is designed to give you a set of guidelines that will help in deciding what paper cutter is the best fit for your needs.

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Paper Cutter Safety

Guillotine paper cutters have developed something of a dangerous reputation. Because they are equipped with extremely sharp blades and exert substantial force, they are effective in getting things done. If you are considering purchasing this type of paper cutter, you can read this article for some information on critical safety features of the guillotine paper cutter.

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Don't Cut off Your Fingers

Every year, there are hundreds of accidents involving guillotine paper cutters across the United States. Children, parent volunteers, teachers and office workers are all at risk of hurting themselves using unsafe guillotine style paper cutters.This article will identify three safety features that are absolutely essential for safety when using a guillotine style paper cutter.

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