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Addicted? 3 Reasons to think twice about rapid opiate detox

Rapid opiate detox promises a one day painless period of detox off of heroin or pills. Although it sounds fantastic, critics of the procedure have argued the health risks, the costs and the limited efficacy of a rapid opiate detox do not make it a worthwhile choice for addicts seeking a better life of opiate sobriety.

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No Relapse! 3 ways to stay sober after drug or alcohol rehab

Drug or alcohol rehab is unfortunately no guarantee of long term sobriety, and a great many people fail to see sobriety through the end of the first very risky year after rehab. Here are three things you can do to maximize the odds of staying sober and staying healthy after the end of drug or alcohol rehab.

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Drug Rehab: One Big Warning Sign of a Rip-Off drug Rehab

You need to do your research before committing to a drug or alcohol rehab, and although most facilities do offer a high standard of care, and are run out of your best interest; there are enough that exist solely for extreme profit as to necessitate caution. One great way to evaluate rehabs under consideration is by determining to what degree therapies are run by professionals, and how much is done by recovering addict graduates of the program.

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