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Sustainability—The Future is Here and It’s Full of Holes

Sustainable design is architecture that creates a minimal impact on the environment and makes maximum and intelligent use of the world’s dwindling resources. Read about a ground breaking new project--how it generates its own power and accomplishes sustainability.

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What Is a Passive House?

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Earthships In New England? An interview with Jennifer Stacy

I interviewed Jennifer Stacy, the New England Education Outreach Coordinator for Earthship Biotecture. Originally being from New Mexico, I had heard of Earthships before and understand much of its construction methods.

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Comfort: Earthships maintain comfortable temperatures in any climate.

We must become more aware of how we use our energy.

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Tips and Techniques About Green Architecture

As more and more people become interested in the effect they are having on our environment, the ability to design and construct buildings that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly is becoming more important.

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Thermal Mass Flow Meter- Technology Advancement

Looking into future needs of flow measurement solutions Insertion & Fixed Thermal mass (calorimetric) technique is gaining respect due to its versatility, ruggedness, sensitivity, negligible pressure drop & easy installation for air & gas mass flow measurement against technology such as Vortex, Turbine, Orifice, Venturi, Averaging Pitot Tube & Aerofoil for larger pipes more than 50NB especially.

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