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10 Common Communication Habits to Stop Doing

Almost everyone keeps a “to-do” list. We often begin the New Year with resolutions to start new regimes to make us healthier, wealthier, and, hopefully, wiser.

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Protection From Fear

I had a great time teaching a mediumship class of students, many who were beginners curious about developing their gifts. (One fellow once played in a band with John Lennon – now how cool is that?)

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Good Pets for Small Children

Many parents want their kids to have a pet of some kind. It makes us feel like we are providing a joy for our kids, while at the same time teaching them some responsibility about caring for another living thing. Dogs and cats are the most popular pets but not everyone wants to keep their entire house pet safe and sometimes in can be too costly to own the dog or cat that you would like. One way to allow your child to have a pet and not have to ready your whole home is to get a small animal.

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