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Information on different methods of creating rapid prototypes

The term Rapid Prototyping refers to construction of physical model from Computer aided design (CAD) data. This type of modeling creates an original unique structure of physical models which was designed in digital form. The main objective of rapid prototyping is to bring the tangible prototype of designs by using 3 Dimensional printers to form a 3D object.

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History of Pizhi Pagoda in Shandong China

Pizhi Pagoda is an 11th century pagoda located at Lingyan Temple, Chanqing, near Jinan, Shandong province, China. The pagoda has unique structure and was built in 753 in the Tang dynasty under the reign of Emperor Xuanzhong. The pagoda was rebuilt between 1056 – 1063 in the Northern Song dynasty. The present pagoda is a Song dynasty reconstruction during the last reigning years of Emperor Renzong.

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