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Venture capital investment market and services in china

The Chinese venture capital community has been growing in the absence of proper protection by law. Venture capital financing has given rise to a dynamic system of modern financial products and services by introducing a series of innovations. The development of a product can be divided into four periods: seed, start-up, grow-up, and maturity. The Chinese government has gradually embraced the concept of knowledge economy and is introducing a series of policies to encourage the development of the venture capital industry.

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Recent Trends in the Venture Capital Community

Recently, I attended a Venture Capital Conference in which one of the speakers predicted we would see technology change in the next 15 years that would rival advancements similar to the past 100 years. That is a bold prediction, but as new technologies continue to emerge we are seeing some of the so called “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” technologies are now becoming reality.

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