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Koi Pond & Waterfall: Top 21 Most Asked Questions Answered

Question: What is the ideal depth for a koi pond? Answer: In my experience of over 25 years, 4 to 5 feet is ideal. You need a minimum of 3 feet for koi fish for several reasons. Safety for fish from wading cranes they can't wade in 3 feet of water. Plus the water temperature in shallow ponds fluctuates too much with the changes in ambient temperature. The greater the volume of water, the longer it takes for the temperature to change. Warm water or fluctuating temperatures are unhealthy for fish.

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cheap flights to Langkawi And Picnic on the immaculate beaches of Malaysia!!

From an effortless picnic or afternoon move back to the park for a practical walk, visit to a sandy beach, a round of golf, or a more audacious sport, there is abundance of Langkawi activities which help to keep you engaged.

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Salt Water Fish Care Reminders For Fish Owners

Having saltwater pet fishes means the need for money, dedication, and time, or else those fishes will die early. To learn more about proper salt water fish care, tips on aquarium set up, and the like, saltwater fish owners should read on.

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Salt Water Fish Tank: Ease of Keeping Salt Water Fish at Home

The ocean is the vastest of all the water bodies. It’s the home to millions of species – playful, colorful, savage and awe-inspiring. The array of fish, their colors, playful lives – part mystery and part comprehensible, ignites a desire to have them close at home. The idea of a salt-water fish tank is the solution. The display of diversity and range is what a salt-water fish tank can offer, as it’s a mini ocean. The salt-water environment provides a scope to display a wide assortment of fish whose lives and behavior patterns are intriguing. Angels, Anglers, Basslets, Batfishes, Cardinals, Clowns, and Damsels – the list is endless.

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Essential Fatty Acids and Your Health

The essential fatty acids are composed of the good fats in our diet. They are essential to your health and provide many benefits that many people are unaware of. Learn how you can benefit from some slight changes in your diet and the comsumption of your EFA's

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Salt Water Fish Tank Filter, Used, Black, Pump, Prices

All about aquarium supplies and information on saltwater and freshwater aquariums, including online supplies, accessories, exotic fish supplies and aquarium kits

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