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What to know in welding

This is what we are going to discuss. It is a known fact that Welding is a sculptural process that joins two metals by the process of welding and Weldor is a man who does the welding process. Compared to other industrial jobs, welding is fairly dangerous and the occupational and health hazards of welding can be avoided with proper equipment, safe materials, and a few common sense measures. Welding tools and welding equipment are essential in welding services and the manufacturing industries fail to meet the demands, if there are no proper welding tools and welding products.

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The necessity of welding in industries

Welding is a process that majority of the manufacturing industries depend upon and many aerospace industries need the help of welders and welding technology. Similarly the automobile industries need the use of welding technologies in their manufacturing.

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EDAWELD Co.,Ltd Company profile

Mainly by the company's operational framework, production department, marketing department, welding accessories division, after-sales service composition! Be able to do the operation....

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