Build A Robust Mobile Reading App: What does It Take?

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As successful as the business is,Guest Posting it must reach more customers. This is true for organizations of all capacities: a small start-up presenting the product, a significant publisher looking for techniques to involve online readers, and offline bookstores considering going online.

So it's time to get on board before each book publisher develops their mobile app for reading. Let's see why you should make your e-reader application and how to create it for a reasonable price.

Ebooks have emerged to boost the reading and learning experience by integrating libraries on a sole platform. Some of the flagship features such as portability, accessibility, and readability have made these digital books more dominant than their printed equivalents. With the advancement of technology, people's reading habits are changing more than ever. The emergence of ebook applications like the Kindle reveals the considerable growth in online reading that has turned out to be a beneficial for mobile application developers.

Top Features Of An Ideal Mobil Reading App

For every app that goes online and serves the users, some unique features write the app's success. As every type of content is now accessible on phones, there is surging demand for mobile reading apps.

Below are the top features that shouldn't be missed if you plan a mobile reading app development.

 Coming on to the end-user features;

  • Application Access
  • Location Selection
  • Book Category
  • Search
  • Library
  • Support Different Formats
  • Store & Sync Your Favorite Books
  • Multiple Platform Support
  • A Reader-Friendly Interface
  • Reading Tools
  • Gamification of Reading
  • Social Integration

Some of the reading apps are also integrated with ebooks and other information sources, which required admin side features for smooth and convenient use.

  • Admin Login
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Location
  • Manage Search
  • Manage Book Upload
  • Manage Library
  • Manage Orders
  • Manage Book Category
  • Manage Reports
  • Manage Notification
  • Manage Ratings
  • Content management

Tech Stack For Mobile Reading App Development

The technology stack is imperative in the overall development process. However, it depends on which OS; Android or iOS, or both for both.

For iOS, consider the following mobile app technology stack;

  • Objective-C, Swift – as Programming languages
  • Apple Xcode: as a Toolkit
  • SDK: iOS SDK

Android technology stack;

  • Java, Kotlin: programming languages
  • Android Studio & Android Developer Tools: Toolkit
  • Android SDK: SDK

Furthermore, if you wish to go hybrid or opt for a cross-platform, below are some of the options to choose from.

For Hybrid

  • Cordova/PhoneGap
  • Ionic

For Cross-platform

  • React Native + JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Xamarin + C#

Moving away from the technical details, let focus on the critical objective behind your project or venture;

How to monetize rom Your Reading App?

It is evident for a revenue model to be at the priority on your list.

So have your defined your mobile reading app business model?

Let's take a look;

Freemium Model - It is a widely used, popular, fruitful way to get your first paid user on-board.

Subscription­ ­- In this type, you can allow your users with limitless reading and access to the subscription plan that could be monthly, quarterly and annual subscription.

Sponsors and in-app advertisement – Go the traditional way! Collaborate with partners for sponsorships and ads

Why You Should Choose Panacea Infotech As Your Tech Partner For Mobile Reading App Development?

First thing first, users visit your app only when it serves what they need. To keep this parameter aligned, you should also consider a top app development company with a proven record in the developments that support the app economy. 

Panacea Infotech is a pioneering mobile app development company that assists businesses in expanding their operational horizons and leading digitized evolution.

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