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Using your pen to write, or pen, the purchase order for buy promotional pens, is the first step to a successful marketing campaign. When all is said and done, using promotional pens as your marketing strategy is a good idea.  Promotional pens are available with so many options it is a bit overwhelming trying to decide which ones are the best for your business.  This article is going to describe some sample distribution options using promotional pens.

High End Customers - If you have a large marketing budget and you have customers who spend lots of money with you every year,Guest Posting giving them a high quality promotional pen set is a nice way to say thank you.  Because this is a thank you gift, the promotional pen will generally not have your typical business name and logo on it but maybe just a classy enclosure card will accompany the gift box to your customers.

Depending on your business circumstances and the extent of your valued customers business, you may even need to consider buying designer promotional pens for loyal customers, be sure the quality befits their loyalty.  This set of customers would not expect a designer promotional pen but they also would not value a $2-3 pen either.  With this group of consumers, you can consider having your company name or logo discreetly printed maybe at the top of the pen running down an inch or two. 

The color and font of this info needs to also be discreet and subdued.  You are marketing your business with this promotional pen but you are marketing it to a customer group that does not need to be convinced, they know you and have stuck with you.  They need a subtle thank you for their loyalty.

Infrequent Customers – With this group of customers, it is important to give them a medium quality promotional pen with your info on it. To help motivate them to frequent your business more often, you might set up a promotion that every time they use their promotional pen to write a check or sign a credit card receipt at your business, they receive a certain percentage off on their purchase.

New Customers – The quality of the promotional pens given to new customers needs to be average.  You don't want to send the message to a new customer that you don't value quality by giving them a poor quality promotional pen. You want to give them a pen that says you care about quality and them and offer them a special deal every time they use their pen for a sale at your business.

Stratifying your selection and distribution of promotional pens is an important aspect of planning your marketing campaign.  No stratification can create the need for low quality promotional pens so that everyone gets something.  Bad idea!

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