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I have to laugh when I hear someone talking about their sixth sense. It is not a sixth sense, it is rather a further six senses we have.

I have to laugh when I hear someone talking about their sixth sense.  It is not a sixth sense,Guest Posting it is rather a further six senses.  All psychics have at least one of these senses and often more than one. These are all in the category of Clairs which comes from the French meaning “clear”.

There are basically six different “Clairs”.  Clairvoyance is when you can see beyond the now and into the future, in other words you not only see the present but you see the past and the future as well.  Some people seem to connect this with remote viewing however in actual fact it is different.  Remote viewing is a learned science and when done properly can provide a great deal of useful information on subjects. Clairvoyance is different, as the psychic concentrates on bringing information through about one person’s life and what the future might hold for them.  Often the word Clairvoyance is used in the psychic sense to cover all six kinds of Clairs but they are all very different and each one describes the various different abilities a psychic might have.  When we look at the other abilities a psychic might have one of the most common is Clairaudient which means that you hear spirit. This describes how many people communicate with spirit by hearing voices in their heads. When it is combined with seeing as well you often have what I call a movie in your head.  You see a rolling picture of both past, present and future and hear spirit telling you what is going to happen.  This is a far cry from what happens to many people when spirit gives them symbols to indicate things that they must then interpret. Clairsentience is the psychic ability to either feel or touch spirit. Sometimes people refer to this as a gut feeling. This means you can feel spirits presence when they come into your orbit and can usually relate to who they are. When this happens the spirit is there to pass on a message to someone. The person to receive the message usually comes into your connection in the form of contact in some way. This can be personal contact, telephone or in written form in some way. On occasions the spirit is there to give you a warning about something.  It is a good practise to listen as there is usually trouble ahead when they bring you a warning.  Have you ever smelt something in the air and not known where it came from? The smell of cigar smoke is a common one for me. I always know when a certain family member is around me by smelling that smell. This is called clairalience.

The fifth sense in the Clair series is Clairgustance.  This is the ability to taste different psychic tastes that spirit sends you. This is one of the more unusual abilities but it happens when spirit sends you a taste often related to a childhood memory.  I know I sometimes get the taste of what we used to call soldiers. Bread dipped into egg. This is a definite childhood memory which I associate with one particular person who was a great friend in childhood.  The last sense in this series is that of claircognizance. This is when you know something for sure but you don’t know how you know it. There is no reason for you to know it except that spirit has put that knowing into your brain.

So you see there are far more than six senses. Of course science will deny it because they are rather biopic.  At the end of the day not even psychics really know how they know things they just accept the fact that they do.

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