Defensive Driving- How and Why?

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Article shares complete information about Defensive Driving. Reasons why we need to learn about Defensive Driving and best institute providing Defensive Driving classes.

Calgary driving schools are famous for popularizing defensive driving techniques that help drivers to pass tough road tests and equip them with new skills to become competent drivers.

Defensive driving course has more demand from people who drive for a living.  The training goes beyond knowing traffic rules or following them. It is essentially a process to make the driver very responsible,Guest Posting responsive and proactive so as to anticipate any situation on the road and react appropriately.

Anticipation is an important concept in the practice of defensive driving. There may be potential dangers lurking in the road. The driver must have full vigil on hazards such as wet, slippery roads or rash driving by other drivers and the ways to get out of them.

Defensive driving techniques make a driver anticipate possible outcomes and make better decisions and sharpen his reaction time.

Advantages Galore

Defensive driving is a sequence of easy and straightforward techniques to expect possible hazards and tackle them. The simple tip is to drive attentively and obey the traffic laws. A responsible driver can always react quickly to avoid accidents. Staying away from large vehicles especially trucks and tankers; extra care at intersections; ability to to stop the vehicle suddenly to prevent the collision is a must.

Defensive driving also involves communicating with other drivers by giving signals early, signal constantly and cancel your signal after taking the move. If the road and weather conditions are not good always increase the distance from other vehicle.

At night leave wider spaces between you and other vehicles. If there is any fog or smoke in road, turn on the fog lights and low beam headlights to watch clearly on the roads. While diving in rain always drive slowly. Special skills are needed for driving in snow and ice. The most important tip is to maintain your vehicle. Check the fluids of the vehicle almost every week. Also use seat belts and child safety seats to prevent any risky situation.

Always avoid distractions. While driving avoid reading or writing. While driving, use headphones and Bluetooth to answer the calls. If tired and sleepy take a break and refresh yourself.

Leading Institutes

Calgary based "A" Driving School is a case in point. It offers services to individual drivers, corporations and fleets in all categories of vehicles. They are also running e-learning courses on defensive driving for easy online access.

The award winning driving school has created highly professionally curriculum suited to each vehicle and provide hands on training for a personal touch and interaction. Its programs include training in motorcycle driving and safety, defensive driving for cars and trucks and orientation for new drivers. There are custom made packages for commercial drivers in terms of Class 1 and Class 3 programs recognized by the industry as some of the best commercial trucker training courses.

The Driving Schools in Calgary are also keeping pace with the demands of consumers as in online training options for specialized courses. The websites of these driving schools give out information on all types of driving; maintaining log books for professional truckers and long distance haulers; programs  on fighting driver fatigue; issues of Occupational Health and Safety; Criminal negligence laws covered in the Bill C45 legal issues facing drivers and senior officers.

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