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Red is a traditional, elegant color. Red dresses can be worn to everyday events, for a fun touch at work, a romantic feel at a picnic, a funky party dress, to special occasions, and more. However, when choosing which red dress to wear, problems may occur. One might not look good on you. Or you might not feel comfortable in your dress. This article will tell you how to choose the right red dress.

1) Identify the event that you need the dress for.

Formal events like Go Red for Women will require a nicer dress.

For some events it may not be appropriate to wear a red dress. For example,Guest Posting you may not want to wear a red dress to a funeral in the United States.

Choose a red that will benefit your skin tone. Blue reds for pale skin, bright and orange reds for darker or tan skin.

Going to a garden party may not be the best place to wear red as it may not match with the theme of the party and the material at such parties tends to be cotton, which may not show off the color red as well.

2) Budget for the dress before you even go to stores or start looking online. If you don't do this, you may be disappointed. You need to be realistic in where you can shop and what your options are.

3) Determine your body type. What do you think your body type is? Are you thin, muscular, or athletic? Knowing this information will help you pick the right red dress(cheap evening dresses). Ask a friend, parent, or adult what they think your body type is.

For smaller women: Lighter colours will draw more attention to your figure. Stick with bright reds to flatter your figure.

Patterns: Patterns draw attention to an area of the body. You can select a pattern that draws attention to your small waist, or select a pattern that draws attention to the bottom of the dress and your legs.

For larger women: Stick with darker reds or maroons. Darker colours draw less attention to the body.

Patterns: Avoid bold patterns in the mid section, instead draw attention away from the belly by looking for patterns near the bust line. Try to stick with a pattern that is in a different shade of red and not overly bold.

4) Browse. Look at fashion magazines and websites to get a general idea for styles that you like. Check the names of the labels that women are wearing in those pictures.

5) Identify stores that have dresses in your budget range that you can go to. If your poor than its not good to get a expensive red dress(cheap cocktail dresses). Go for one at Ross or Dress Barn. Some stores are more likely to carry dresses. This includes places like Kohl’s, JCPenny, Macy's, Target, bridal boutiques. The types of dresses these stores carry may change by season. They might have sales on dresses that you may want to be aware of when planning your budget.

Season: Red is always in style, unlike some colours there is no "best time of the year" to buy red. Most retailers from designer labels to department stores will always have red options.

6) Make a list of possibilities. Mark all dresses down that you like. Write down why you like them.

7) Try all of the dresses on. Go to the shops where the dresses you like are located (cheap party dresses). Try them on for size and fitting. Make sure they are not too tight or too loose.

For smaller women: Select a dress that fits closer to the body and flatters your curves.

For larger women: Look for dresses that are fitted in the chest and flare out at the waist. This style will make your waist appear smaller.

8) Select your first choice. Go back to the store and try it on again. If it fits perfectly, then that is your dress. Put it on and wear it with pride. If not, go down to your second choice and see if that is the dress for you.

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