The Law of Attraction and the Power of Affirmations

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Energy surrounds us on a daily basis. To attract certain things to you and to your life, surrounding yourself with positive affirmations is a great way.

Affirmations are powerful. We sometimes make simple statements in either a positive or a negative tone,Guest Posting like for example, when there is something that we need to get done, we sometimes say “It’s too difficult.” That statement in itself is a negative affirmation.

How Do Affirmations Work?

We deal with our lives according to our beliefs. Like for example, we are well aware that touching a live wire would get us electrocuted, right? But notice the belief system of a child which is not yet fully developed. He does not know that touching a live wire could harm him. But once that he is informed about what touching a live wire could do, it adds up to the development of his belief system and he becomes aware that touching a live wire could get him electrocuted.

Beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind. That is why sometimes, even if you make positive affirmations like, “I believe I could lose 20 pounds,” it does not seem to work because unconsciously, you believe that it is hard to do and that is what exactly what your subconscious mind would tell you after you declare your affirmation.

Never Use The Future Tense

Use the present tense when making your affirmations. If you use the future tense, like for example, “I will become wealthy,” your becoming wealthy will always stay in the future. Instead, say “I believe I am a wealthy person,” or “I chose to become wealthy.” What are the choices that you have made in the past? Have you noticed that your present life is the result of the choices you have made before?

Acquire A Positive Disposition

To attract positive energy, use positive statements in your everyday conversations. You could also write down positive affirmations, as this method amplifies the power of affirmations. Instead of focusing on negative things, try to see and appreciate the wonderful things that life has to offer. There must be something you can be thankful for in your life, no matter how little it is. Focus on it and see bigger things you can be thankful for come your way.

Manifesting your desires should be fun and entertaining. It is not something you have to be overly serious about. Without having fun while doing it, your techniques become less effective. Keep in mind that in changing your disposition and your way of thinking does not happen overnight. Patience is a virtue here. With the power of affirmations and your knowledge of the Law of Attraction, your desires are can be attained.

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