The Three Roberts and the Meaning of Wealth (Or How You Can Attain True Wealth) - Part Three

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In this last article of three, the author refers to the lessons to be learned from the third Robert, namely, Robert Ringer. In his 'Number One best seller' entitled "Looking Out For Number 1", Ringer advocates that the main goal of one's life is to be happy. To be able to achieve this, one needs to be aware of what one is doing and why. This awareness includes adopting a clear perspective of the issues that one confronts daily including the financial one. The longer term goal for happiness is more important. If a goal is worthwhile, a price, like hard work, has to be paid for it. 

In Robert Ringer's book,Guest Posting entitled Looking Out For Number One, he advocates that the true meaning of life is to be happy. To be happy you need to be fully aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it. Being aware allows you to deal only with things which make you happy and avoid those which make you unhappy. For instance in human relationship you can cut off people who make you unhappy! Whilst looking out for one's own happiness may seem like a selfish one, the truth is you would get a greater contribution from a guy who is happy than one who is unhappy!

The other important issue about life is off course the financial one. In the book, Ringer advocates that to be financially free, one has to use one's talents to find the financial success one desires in the shortest time possible. It would be ideal if you can find something you enjoy; I would add, has lots of passion for.

The most important issue, however, is about managing your perspective about life. What this means is that one should look at roadblocks and problems in our life in proper perspective. For example you may complain bitterly about high rents but in Calcutta a pavement dweller would be happy just to have a rag to spread under his head at night.

One good reason to look at things in perspective is to understand that things are constantly changing and that they often do not go the way you want. Life is a series of battles which everyone has to go through; the key to real success is to win the war finally.   Through this understanding one gets to be persistent and bear whatever setbacks as challenges to be taken along the way to our goals.

My experience is that unless you maintain this perspective it's more than likely you would lack the persistence which is critical for any successful endeavor. Getting a business from start to success is a very challenging thing and you must be prepared to persist, despite setbacks and frustration, to succeed. This according to Ringer is the price you have to pay for creating anything of real value in life.

One other important thing to realize is that to have a permanent solution for any issue, for example, the need to have financial security, requires one to think long term. Once a solid foundation is build for financial success you would not find the need to deal with it again; it’s done and over with!

Thus, Robert Ringer's main philosophy to success is to look after yourself well; only then can you be a positive contributor to yourself and others.

With the three Roberts' experiences of great success and the lessons they are passing on, it is clear that our life's most important desire is to be happy. This is possible if one's life is balanced with good health, realistic financial wealth and spiritual and social well-being. Thus leading a balance life and living happily with yourself and the ones you love is the true meaning of wealth!

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Wishing you all the best!

Louis Lim

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