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There are people who are born with stronger abilities than others are, however we all experience some telepathic intuition in one way or the other on some days.


 There are people who are born with stronger abilities than others are,Guest Posting however we all experience some telepathic intuition in one way or the other.

Lots of disbelief and the sentiment that psychic theories are more of swindles than they are real, surround the human ability to use these skills. Many people are very much aware of their sixth sense abilities. However, this is commonly misunderstood and many are not able to link the two, which are the human intuition and the psychic occurrence. Many people who use these abilities believe that the difference between the two is simply faith or trust. Trust may be a major contributor to this theory however, if one believes in their human intuition completely, they should as well believe the psychics intuition.

As you learn the skills, you must be able to trust the information accorded which is not just learned facts but includes feelings, images inner communication and a personal sense of knowing the existence of this elementary human element.

Defining psychic intuitions

There are seven major chakras within our bodies found along various spinal areas. You find others in the feet and hands and their locations communicate with the different separating lines along the body used in acupuncture. You find major chakras at our psychosomatic nerve centers related in functionality to the endocrine gland system. The ones discussed below are the ones that relate to the psychic intuitions and functions of the human organisms.

Energy sensors

Clairsentience is the skill that the second chakra provides. It is the ability to sense or feel intuitive energy physically found around the tummy bottom, also called empathic. The second chakra internalizes the information making sense out of the first energy.

Accent or voice on your Shoulder

Clairaudience is a skill offered in the fifth chakra. Defined as the capability to hear information, you find it near the thorax at the base of the throat. There is a common assumption that we are always in a hurry in our inner conversation. Most times, we are receiving clairaudience psychic intuitions at all levels. We have all made some psychic intuition decisions at one point or the other in life and may have regarded this for granted.

The third eye

This clairvoyance begins with the ability to see through the mind’s eye. It is very simple in form. Nevertheless, the sixth chakra is in control of the processes, which is essentially the third eye. This is the ability to visualize what is visible as well as the invisible. This means that you must trust what you are seeing invisibly and it becomes easier for you to appreciate the occurrences.

The last and seventh chakra is located on top  or on the crown of the head, this psychic intuition enables spontaneous acquisition of knowledge and when we do not know something and need to know it right away the seventh chakra makes it possible.

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