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Ford Taurus is a new sedan from Ford Motors; it is a big vehicle measuring around 203-inches in length and has 4015-pounds of load carrying ability.

 The vehicle is designed with all the required components to meet the demands of the present automobile market. 2010 Ford Taurus reviews is an attempt made to list some of the remarkable features of this sedan. 

Standard Features

This new Ford vehicle is provided with several standard equipments required to offer a comfortable driving experience to the commuters. This sedan exhibits a muscular appearance,Guest Posting which is given by the carved power dome covering present in the vehicle.

The standard features include front fascia, large projector lens, tri-bar grille, xenon headlamps, side panels, flagships, tapered tail, and much more.

Interior features

The interior features of 2010 Ford Taurus sedan can be defined using 2 words: active shift massage functions and high quality materials. The interior space of the sedan is designed using soft and hard materials, which provides a luxurious travelling experience to the users.  The standard interior components integrated in this coupe are sound- activated navigation system, Sony audio system, adjustable pedal system, floor lighting, etc.

Engine Specs

2010 Taurus is powered by a standard Duratec V6 3.5 litre engine that has the capability to produce a horsepower rating of around 263 and a torque rating of about 249 lb-feet. This sedan’s engine is teamed to a 6-speed automatic transmission system.

The EPA declares the fuel economy of this vehicle to be around 18 miles per gallon in city limits and 28 miles per gallon on highways with FWD, while it is 17/25 miles per gallon with 4WD.

Now, with the knowledge acquired from the above 2010 Ford Taurus Reviews, you are familiar with some standard features of this vehicle.

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