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The decision to treat yourself to a new or used car is littered with decisions. These decisions only get easier to make when you see the warranty offered by a ford dealer on select models.

So you have been thinking about buying a new car,Guest Posting well maybe new to you. No matter your decision you will find conflicting information on what you should buy, how you should finance, or pay in full, and the great financing options. You might even want guidance because you're thinking of expanding your family. Perhaps you don't know whether you want to go with a private sale or a say a ford dealership for your purchase. These are all questions worth exploring.

You can always look at cars privately. When you find something you like you need to stop into your local credit union or bank and ask for financing. You will have to fill out the application, provide them with a VIN number for the vehicle, bill of sale, a receipt for any money down paid to the current owner and you may miss work. In some circumstances a private sale might even not allow you to test -drive. Not to mention generally a private sale transaction is as-is where is, meaning if the motor blows as you drive away that's your problem.

In contrast the experience at a dealer may be more customer oriented. A salesman will help you find the car that is in your budget, and fits your needs. For instance they won't show a family of six a five-passenger car. They will pull a car up for you to take for a spin. When you get back if you love it they will talk numbers. If you have money down with you it's possible to go home that night with your new car. Further if you go with a new car from a new car dealer they often have special financing on certain models that can save a lot of cash. Some models may even offer rebates. Another bonus of using a dealer is getting a warranty.

A Ford dealer would be able to be more specific, but the warranty offered with them is really quite extensive. Bumper to bumper for three years or 36,000 miles, power train for five years or 60,000 miles, Safety restraint system for five years or 60,000 miles. Perhaps most impressive, they offer a roadside assistance program for five years or 60,000 miles. That is not even all they offer. So as you can see a warranty with a dealer can be quite valuable. This would mean that when you drive away in your new car it is covered and so are you with that bonus of roadside assistance.

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