The Ford Dealer and Your Family's Safety

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How your local Ford dealer has been changing with the times and how these changes affect the safety of your family.

With the changing needs of the modern family,Guest Posting it is important to make sure that the vehicles change with the times as well. These vehicles need to be safe for both drivers and passengers alike. Your Ford dealer has 5 cars on the 2012 list of top vehicles for families. These include 4 cars and one SUV.

The only Ford SUV on the list is the Edge. It received its high rating after several different test drives of the vehicle showed that it was reliable and safe in the necessary situations. The testers had the opinion that the new ecoboost engine had great fuel economy, was fun to drive, and had an interior that was technologically ahead of its time. It is a great family vehicle because it features an entertainment system that can be controlled by just the touch of a finger on the screen and it is considerably more affordable than other SUVs of similar size.

One of the best cars for families by the Dearborn automaker is the Fusion. The U.S. News ranks it number one on the list of affordable midsize cars. The reviewers opinion, after several test drives, was that it handled very well and with either manual or automatic option, the driver can have it customized. It is a great family vehicle because of its high safety rating because of its high tech safety features. It also has a spacious trunk and interior that offers plenty of leg room for everyone.

Your local Ford dealer will also have the Fusion Hybrid, which has the same body and safety features as the regular Fusion, but its high rating also includes great gas mileage and a midsize vehicle that performs like a car that uses only gasoline. It is considered to be the best hybrids on the today's vehicle market. The only negative that the testers discovered is that it is less affordable than the original Fusion.

Finally, the Taurus has a high ranking as a family vehicle due to its affordability in comparison to its size and the reliability and safety features that the testers found during several test-drives of the vehicle. One of the things that the testers liked was its stylish design that that the Taurus has been known for since its introduction in 1996. It also has a roomy cabin, great technology inside, and a low price. It is a good family vehicle because it has great crash test ratings so that you can feel as though your family is safe on the roads. 2012 model options also include blind spot mirrors.

If you have a family and are in the market for a new car, consider the above options and let your Ford dealer show you the great vehicles manufactured by Ford.

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