3 Great Uses for Whiteboards

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Uses for whiteboards for business and personal use.

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It may seem like iPads and other tablets are all the rage these days,Guest Posting but it is important not to overlook the value of a good whiteboard or chalkboard. If you haven’t used a whiteboard in a while and are questioning whether it can be of use to you, here are 3 things to consider:

1.  Brainstorming- If you have a job that requires tons of creative thinking then you will need some good space to let out all the thoughts you’ve got going on in that brain of yours. Getting a giant whiteboard is a great way to give yourself some room to think. You can use all of your new found real estate to jot down all of your ideas and develop your strategy for whatever you are working on. Need more space but want to keep the information that you’ve got so far? All you have to do is take a quick picture of it with your smartphone and then you’re ready to erase and start over again.

2.  Keeping track of goals- Whether you have personal goals or goals at work, using a whiteboard can help you to track your progress and get a good visual representation of how you are doing. One of the best parts about tracking your goals with a whiteboard is that you will be able to easily make edits to things as they change. From week to week you’ll need to to update your plan of action to make sure that you are making good progress and having the ability to wipe things clean will make your life a lot easier.

3.  Giving presentations- If you are going to be giving a presentation to a large group of people and you want to do something that is interactive then a whiteboard is the perfect way to go. If you are working with a powerpoint or some other type of program to present your information, you won’t be able to make quick edits or write down and suggestions or conversation topics from the audience. Having the whiteboard will allow you to interact with everyone and write down key points that you discuss together. It also works really well because as soon as you are done with one topic you can erase the board and give yourself more room to start over again.

Al in all there are a ton of things that you can do with a whiteboard and you need to remember that they are not only for work use but can be great in the home. If you want to spruce up your home office then a whiteboard could be just what you need.

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