5 Common Mistakes that every Design Company should Avoid

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It helps to have the top website designers in India design your site because there are certain mistakes that every design company should avoid. 

Website are not just designed for the users but also for the search engines. If web designers are sacrificing beauty of the site over its functionality or vice versa,Guest Posting then it won’t bring the desired results for your business. It may seem like an easy task to use a template and get a website up and running in no time but will it bring you the desired results? The answer is no. Experienced designers are more aware of the tools and techniques to design a website as per the requirements of a business. They are updated on the latest design trends and have the know how to create the right balance between text and images.

So it helps to have the top website designers in India design your site because they will be more experi-enced in putting together a site that is not only attractive but also easy to navigate. They will put in all the right elements to give an edge to your site when compared to your competitor sites. Even though experi-enced designers can create beautiful websites, there are certain common mistakes that they must avoid:

1. Not using responsive design is one of the most common mistakes that every web design company should avoid. Google has introduced a search update in which non-responsive sites are penalised in mobile searches. Since more than 40% modern searches are conducted on tablets and smartphones, it makes sense to have a site that is easily displayed on all types of devices. This is where the need for responsive web design arises.

2. Not creating a balance between different design elements is the second common mistake that many web designers make. Some designers either go completely overboard in terms of design elements or flat-out ignore the elements on the site. If they are doing too many customisations, then it can also lead to issues, distracting readers from the actual content. Visitors also won’t like a site with every few design features so creating the right balance is a necessity.

3. At times, designers make poor use of side bars, headers and footers. If there is a high number of banners and ads then it will be a problem. It is better to utilise these areas for additional navigation within the website. There is nothing wrong in placing a Baner across the top of the webpage for advertising but it shouldn’t spoil the design and balance throughout the site.

4. Fourth common mistake is the lack of quality content on the site. Quality of content matters because in the online marketplace, content is king. Even if there are perfect design elements on your site but no good content, it will fail to engage the visitors.

5. Last mistake that designers make include broken and poorly optimised pages. Your visitors wouldn’t like if they click on a link and they get to see “Page Not Found” message displayed on the screen. This will give a bad impression of your site.

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