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News has been released that a luxurious, high-end rental apartment building with 190 to 200 units was proposed for in the Boston area by a local real estate development firm.

News has been released that a luxurious,Guest Posting high-end rental apartment building with 190 to 200 units was proposed for in the Boston area by a local real estate development firm.The firm is reportedly one of the largest developers and property managers in the state. The firm in charge of the overall operations of the building project has announced that they plan to demolish all the three buildings currently situated on the site and erect a new five-story tall building thereby making more Apartments for Rent Boston.Construction is currently targeted to start in a years time from now.However, in order for the project to actually commence, it will require changing the sites zoning from institutional to multi-family residential usage purposes.Besides that, it will also require the Boston Parks Commission to review it because the property abuts the Jamaica-way and OlmstedParks.Pertaining to the demolition of the current building situated on the site, it has to be reviewed by the Boston Landmarks Commission before the demolition proceeds as scheduled.On the whole, this project includes the building of a surface parking lot underneath the building itself, with an estimated total number of  150 parking spaces as per the City of Boston guidelines.The firm was reported to have said that they would do whatever the City requires of them to do, but that they plan to minimize the number of parking spaces available because residents tend to use public transportation most often.The firm explained that the traffic flow will go through the buildings two-entrance driveway and it will not have any Jamaica-way access.This project also includes a gym, a patio and a common room with a kitchen for use by residents and caterers alike.Under the Boston Redevelopment Authority guidelines, 13% of the units will be made available for rent at affordable rates.The new apartment building in Boston will have mostly studios and one bedroom apartments but some of the units will be two bedrooms.In this way the company is making it clear that they want to target singles and couples rather than families and undergraduates.As of now, it has been pretty smooth sailing for the developing firm in their project as they have paid numerous visits to several prominent figures within the Boston property market to ensure that the project is able to run smoothly and as scheduledComputer Technology Articles, by making sure that their latest building complies with all the required guidelines and such.

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