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If you are moving to the Atlanta area, it is best to visit first and explore the many city attractions. Now, as spring rolls around, there are many outdoor activities to stoke your interest. And if you are looking for an apartment, and need help securing one in an ideal neighborhood, there is a rental service company that can help.

But first,Guest Posting here's how you can take advantage of the nice weather.

Spring is the loveliest time of year to visit a public garden. Cherry trees bloom, lilacs perfume the breeze and tulips color the landscape.

But many botanical gardens offer additional reasons to visit Ñ art shows and exhibits you might normally expect to find in a gallery or natural history museum. Some events are held in winter, when there are no showy flowers to lure crowds. But many gardens host museum-quality shows in spring and summer Ñ seasons when the grounds are at their most spectacular.

"These are also the months during the year when our visitors have the most time in their lives to make a leisurely visit, and it's when being outdoors is most enjoyable," said Atlanta Botanical Garden exhibitions manager Cathleen Cooke. "And, of course, what better setting could there be for sculpture than fresh air, blue skies and a lush landscape?"

"Sometimes plants aren't enough," said John Sallot, spokesman for the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. "We have to give reasons for people to continue to come back year after year. We do want new people who've never been here before, and hopefully this gives us an opportunity to engage them."

Here is a look at a few gardens around the country and some of their art and natural history exhibits and events. Note that days and hours gardens are open often change as the weather gets warmer, so call ahead to check.

So there you have it; the weather is nice, the city alluring, and if you are ready to move, there is no better company with which to work than Promove. It's time to secure your new apartmen

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