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Choosing a minibus hire service - ways to choose this to the best standard.

Last month,Guest Posting a school in Bradford started up their own dedicated mini bus service to pick up and drop off pupils. According to the head teacher, approximately 30 of the school's 185 students were regularly missing half of their lessons, but, since the introduction of the minibus, absences have now dropped by 50%.

The school now meets the national average for the number of pupils 'absent without permission.' Their reason for starting this service was due to inflated levels of absenteeism, but even with full crop of pupils a dedicated minibus service could be used by many schools. This can be especially true in the more rural counties where, certainly for the more remote schools, class numbers are a lot smaller, making minibus hire in Cheshire, Staffordshire or Shropshire or Cheshire minibus hire more affordable.

What could schools look for when choosing a minibus company? Many, if not all schools would rank safety as a must–have feature for any minibus service. Minibuses should be fitted with three–point safety belts. In a collision, the three–point system's main advantage over other forms of seat belt is that it spreads out the energy of the moving body over a wider area, notably the shoulders, chest and pelvis, greatly reducing the risk of damage.

If a passenger had only been wearing a lap belt they may, in extreme circumstances, suffer separation of the lumbar vertebrae, which in turn could cause paralysis. If the belt type was a sash, the body is held in place better, but in a frontal collision, the occupant could possibly 'submarine', or slide forward in the seat and under the sash. By crossing the chest and lap, the three–point system can give schools, parents and children peace of mind.

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