Discover DMIT an easy memory building technique.

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Discover brain DMIT trains a student to enhance their memory skills and strengthen their weakness.Discover brain helps to train techniques and skills to train you in your careers with good business opportunities in INDIA.

‘Dermatoglyphics’ is a Greek word that stands for skin prints. In other words,Guest Posting it’s a scientific technique where you can identify your strengths and weakness by taking your fingerprints.  Your fingerprints are unique to you alone. DMIT merges their data with the theory multiple intelligence.

According to Professor Howard Gardner, human intelligence is split into 8 categories. Each intelligence falls into a category of strong and weak as they differ from people to people. DMIT has its complete focus on identifying the strong and the weak intelligence. DMIT will help you increase your strong intelligence and teach you tricks and skills on improving your weak intelligence with well-researched skills and techniques. Other great researchers like Harold Cummins, has given huge support towards the analysis of DMIT. He discovered we can identify person abilities which are actually imprinted in the fingerprints. DMIT captures the fingerprints and after analysing. A 41-page report is generated. Studies have shown that there is a direct link between the fingerprints and the brain. The research was conducted on brain dominance and split brain. In 1981 Nobel Prize winner Roger Wolcott Sperry, had proved that the human brain functions by the left brain and right brain. He explained that the left brain controls the right body part and the right brain controls the left body parts. The brain divides into the occipital lobe, the frontal lobe, the temporal lobe, prefrontal lobe and the parietal lobe. These lobes are duplicated on both sides of the brain so that makes 10 lobes altogether. Since we have 10 fingers each finger is connected to a selected lobe of the brain.

DMIT is definitely a growing concept as more franchise business opportunities in INDIA have opened up with the realisation of DMIT in terms of advancing learning capacities for students. Discover brain DMIT helps identify your strengths and weakness in the lobes and calculates the best career options for you. Besides doing that DMIT also helps your child improve his weakness by using modern techniques and skills to train your student according to his style of grasping learning.  Neil Flemming planned Visual Learners Auditory to learn different teaching techniques according to the student. Discover brain is very popular in schools because it has proven better results when it comes to student understanding and inbuilt learning.

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