Electric Wheelchairs Identifying the Different Types

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Some of the power wheelchairs even enable standing and reclining positions. Nevertheless, the power wheelchairs have enabled better options of transportation and freedom to the less abled people.

Electric wheelchair or the power wheelchair is a tremendous aid to people with various kinds of disabilities. It also proves to be a boon to the elderly who find it difficult to move around without help. Compared to the manual wheelchairs which are bulky and offer little maneuverability,Guest Posting the power wheelchairs are designed with unique features.

Power wheelchairs are designed with distinctive features which include the use of microprocessors that enable the wheelchairs to rise on two wheels. Such power wheelchairs are beneficial to those who work in grocery shops. With the advent of electric wheelchair, the lives of millions of disabled people have undergone a massive transformation. Power wheelchairs vary according to the level of sophisticated features.

Electric Wheelchair- The Three Different Categories

Power wheelchairs are basically divided into three different types according to their propulsion.

Front wheel driven wheelchairs: The electric wheelchair which is front wheel driven is known to have excellent turning capabilities but offer less speed compared to the other power wheelchairs.

Rear wheel driven wheelchairs: The most commonly used electric wheelchair includes the rear wheel driven power wheelchairs. Though it offers great speed while moving, it has comparatively lesser turning capabilities. The rear wheel power wheelchairs are durable and strong which makes it suitable for outdoor travels.

Mid wheel driven wheelchairs: More suitable for smooth surfaces, the mid wheel driven power wheelchairs have unique and distinctive turning capabilities. However, it can seldom be used on rugged surfaces and it has extra wheels to prevent skidding and slipping.

Apart from the three basic types of power wheelchairs, there are many other varieties of wheelchairs which are as follows:

Heavy duty electric wheelchair: Available with rear, front and mid wheel driven options, the heavy duty wheelchairs are mainly used for outdoor purposes. Due to its rugged features, it can be used on almost every type of surface quite effortlessly. It has specially designed larger wheels to enable easy and smooth ride over rough surfaces.

Transportable electric wheelchair: These power wheelchairs are known to be the easiest and lightest wheelchairs which can be dismantled easily and quickly. It can be transferred and transported easily due to its amazing light weight. Being compact in size, it can used to travel through narrow doorways and lobbies.

Powerbase electric wheelchair: Another distinctive variety of power wheelchairs include the powerbase wheelchairs which have unique wheel and motor placement. There are varieties among these types of power wheelchairs too which are specifically designed for outdoor and indoor use. These rugged varieties of power wheelchairs require lifts and ramps for transportation as it cannot be folded.

Today most of the people prefer to use power wheelchairs than manual wheelchairs as it requires lesser physical exertion. With innumerable features such as leg elevation, hand rest and oxygen chambers, the power wheelchairs have a number of advantages in comparison to the ordinary wheelchairs.

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