Five Things to Consider When Purchasing a Gym Bag with Yoga Mat Holder

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If you follow the below-mentioned points, you will definitely pick your dream gym bag with yoga mat holder that suits your lifestyle.

Including yoga in daily routine helps to achieve and maintain physical and mental fitness. However,Guest Posting practicing yoga daily regularly can be a little bit worrisome due to the need for carrying your yoga mat and other gears for utilizing the most from your workout without slowing you down. Nowadays, you will get different specialized gym bags with yoga mat holders for making your yoga practice simpler and easier in daily life with a lot of features to make them more convenient, useful and portable.

The first thing you need to realize is what you want from your bag. There are numerous styles of bag in the market and works best for different people, so you must understand a few things when looking for a gym bag with a yoga mat holder.

Will, your yoga mat holder, carrying the mat for long hours? If you plan to store the mat in the mat holder, ensure the material can withstand prolonged curling and not being stored with excess moisture. An ideal one will be a backpack style yoga mat bag if you are not willing to carry in your hands. If planning to travel at ease or commute by bicycle or bike, the best option is a backpack.

Bag Size

On average, the width of the mat is 28,” and there are few brands that have mats with larger in size. The width must be on par with the length of your gym bag, and it is best to avoid bags that are very long. There will be extra spaces in the bag, and you want to throw a small item in there that can tear and damage your mat so ensure it fits snug. The thickness of the mat plays a vital role. If the circumference is large than the standard mat, then it will be difficult for putting inside the carrier, although the length is right.

Important Features

Your lifestyle and exercise routine is totally different than others. Your gym bag with a yoga mat holder will be helping you to manage this better with few features, but make sure that you end up paying for something that you will not be using.


Check that the yoga mat holder straps are adjustable so that you can easily adjust the load on your shoulders and easy for you to carry.


If you go to the gym regularly, it is wise to buy a fancy model that has plenty of additional storage. Some bags contain pockets to keep smartphones, and you need to ensure whether the size of your smartphone will easily fit in the pocket. Always remember that you want a hassle-free solution that helps to enhance your next gym or yoga session.


This is the place where hygiene factor comes in. For this reason, a fabric like a canvas works perfect as it will not absorb much moisture and become moldy. Buy a premium quality ballistic nylon that is easy to wash and keeps your bag smell fresh.

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