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Google announced in last week that they are going to make one blanket privacy policy across all their services i.e google adsense, google adwords, bloggers, orkut, google analytics, google knol, gmail, okut, webmasters tool etc... This means that users who are logged in to their Google account from any service will have integrated and personalized search results from across all of Google's services.

 According to experts Google is trying to get more business by providing user personalized and integrated search results. Google's big competitor at Search Engine (Bing) and Email services (Hotmail),Guest Posting Microsoft has criticized Google's move of integrating all service policies into one blanket policy by saying that Google is trying to sell user information to advertisers by integrating all policies into one. Microsoft published ads in newspapers (The NewYork Times, Wall Street Journal) in the United States stated as "Every data point Google collects and connects to you increases how valuable you are to an advertiser". Google denied Microsoft's newspaper ad by saying that none of their privacy policy has been changed in actual and the consolidation does not change the way Google collects information. Google agreed that Google Ads are personalized and display ads matching to user activities. It has been observed that they do display ads related to same category and same input by user at GMail and Orkut (Google's Social Netowrking Hub). At GMail words at private email of users are being scanned by automated scanner and display ads related to same topic. 
Google has been continuously in news since two-three months they got notice from Indian Government and High Court regarding offensive content on their site. Just few weeks before Google filed response to notice by saying that they have removed pages with offensive content from their search and other services. in the last week Google has been in news because of disabling accounts of kids whose age is below 13. Now Google has started validating new registrations with age proof. According to Google's new policy your age should be above 13 in order to use any Google services.
According to marketing experts both of the above steps are taken to get more targeted client at their services and increase Google revenue through Ad business.

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