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... ... ... Precious metals such as ... ... Rhodium. All these things go ... While one is ... the scrap ... ... you can be making a good

Recycling. Catalytic converters. Precious metals such as Platinum,Guest Posting Palladium,and Rhodium. All these things go together. While one is recycling the scrap catalytic converters, you can be making a good living at it.
This is a business enterprise that you jump into tomorrow,with very little investment, and cash out with big dividends. There is an endless supply of leads to reap from. This business can be done in any part of the country.
All you need as far as equipment to start is something to put your catalytic converters in. A pickup truck,a station wagon, or a trailer.
You may want to invest enough to buy the Bobcat, Shear, and trailer. That way you cut on an average of 200-250 per day. What if you made a $10.00-15.00 per converter average? Not a bad days work. All this is possible. And you will be cleaning up the enviroment.
@ Great American Enterprise,we do just that. We buy, sell, and process the catalytic converters. We will buy the loose ones or we remove them from the salvage autos with the Bobcat equipment. We work on the latest precious metals market quotes. We strive to pay the highest prices out there. We will accommodate our customers schedules. We will put the customer first. We can put our customers on a regular schedule for pick up or cutting. We can offer auto crushing as well. We can have your other cores priced out.
I will be more than happy to explain any of these procedures to you. Let us help. E-mail at; jlpenzo@bellsouth.net or see out web site at http://www.1gae.com

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