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The 3 racing competitions that makes up the famous triple crown includes the Kentucky Derby,Guest Posting the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. These races take places between the months of May and June, and if you are new to horse betting, the tips in here can really make the difference when placing your wagers on this outstanding event.
The first thing you should do is to pick a horse, and if you are not too sure on what to choose, then you can go for the favorite, although we recommend you to buy a tip sheet, which contains important handicap stats such as the pedigree of each competing colt, and also his pace, speed and history of past performances, as with this information you will certainly have a better idea of which horse to go for.
Now you need to select a wagering type. If you choose a wager to “win”, this means that you are placing a bet on the horse you think is the one that is going to win the race. If you pick a “place” bet, you will be betting on the horses you believe are going to end up the race in first and second place, and you can also pick a “show” wager, which means that you are choosing the horses that you believe are going to finish in first, second and third place.
The wagering types above are the ones recommended for the newbie bettor, although if you have a bit more of experience, you can also go for other types such as an “exacta” which means that you are laying money on the horses that will finish first and second, and the difference with the standard betting types is that on these set of wagers (exacta, trifecta, quinella), you need the horses you pick to end the race in the position you chosen for them. Placing a “trifecta” wager means that you are predicting the first 3 colts to finish, and the quinella means that you are laying cash on the first and second colt finishers (either horse can finish in first or second).
If you are new to betting on the Triple Crown, we recommend you to go for the minimum amount, which is $1 for the Belmont Stakes and $2 for the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes.
Remember that once the race has started you don’t have the option of changing your bet, you be careful when choosing.

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