Laguna Beach Photographer: 2 Recommended Orange County Public Parks

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Orange County Photographers can find new places to shoot a session.

Orange County has a number of great locations for photographing a family,Guest Posting engaged couple or senior portraits. This article takes a look at two of the best. Both have their advantages and a few disadvantages.

1. Irvine Regional Park. Irvine Regional is located in Orange at the heart of Orange County. The advantage to this location is there are a number of activities from which to create a beautiful, diverse set of images. If you are shooting a family shoot, you can take pictures of the kids on horseback. There is a lake with trees which make for a beautiful setting to get a formal portrait. There are also some rustic old buildings which make for a beautiful vintage backdrop (images in front of these backdrops turn out beautiful when vintage or black and white actions are run against them).
The main disadvantage to this location is you need to pay to get in. The parking is modest - $6 or $7. However, in addition to the parking you need to pay for each activity you want to include in your session. Shots on horseback and trains will of course require payment -as will any shots you want to get in the zoo. It is of course free to shoot in front of the lack and on any of the grassy areas.

Overall, Irvine Regional Park is a terrific location for photographing families, engagements, pets, and High School Seniors.

2. Tewinkle Park. Tewinkle Park is a newly renovated park located in Costa Mesa. The first positive for this locations is that it is free. The second is the diversity of shots that can be taken in this location. This location consists of hills, ponds, trees, streams, ponds and play grounds. If your client wants to get some actions shots, there are horseback riding facilities next door. Or, of an equestrian theme is not your client's cup of tea, there is a skateboarding park and tennis courts (high school seniors often want shots of themselves participating in the activity they enjoy).

Orange County has a number of diverse locations for portrait photography. However, if the beach shots are not what your client is seeking, Irvine Regional Park and Tewinkle Park are good, relatively inexpensive options. 

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