Laguna Beach Photographers: Evaluate Hosting Services Carefully

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Most photographers in Laguna Beach try host a website. The quality of the hosting service will determine, to a great extent, how well that website will function.

Photographers depend upon their websites. They use them for advertising,Guest Posting booking sessions and offering proof galleries. Laguna Beach Photographers also use more hard drive space, bandwidth and CPU processing power than do websites of most businesses of similar size. As a result photography sites often come under review when a hosting service is looking for ways to cram more clients onto their servers in order to improve profits.

Beware of the unlimited offers. Many services say they offer unlimited bandwidth and server space; however that server space is then limited. For example one large hosting service that offers "unlimited" server space but will not allow you to upload over 50,000 files. While this limit is not anywhere in their agreement they argue that by uploading more than 50,000 files you are "interfering" with quality of service of other clients. Not interfering with the service of other clients is in the agreement. It is not readily apparent when signing up that "unlimited" means less than 50,000 files.

Other services offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server space but allocate the CPU usage in such a way that your site is down for a good percentage of time. These services want people who use little server space with few hits and with very little traffic. Growing photography businesses rarely fall in this category. Offering unlimited service is their sale to attract customers. Remember when an offer looks to good to be true, it probably is.

Of course it is always possible to transfer your site to another service provider; however this can be a real problem for any photographer who has spent large amounts of time building his site, blog and client files. The transfer to another hosting service is not a quick and easy task. Doing so in a manner that eliminates disruption to the site is even more difficult.

What are some options when looking hosting options? A dedicated server is one option. A dedicated server would give an Orange County photographer access to all of the disk space, CPU power and bandwidth that the server has. The challenge with this is at more than $300 a month, it can be expensive. Another option is a virtual private server. This model is less expensive and requires less technical knowledge then a dedicated server. However with this model you are still sharing the hard drive. The difference is you are guaranteed a certain level of performance regardless of what others on the server are doing.

Digital OC, California photographers deal in an information intensive industry. Their websites are vital to their business. A photographer should carefully evaluate the company which will make his site available to the public.

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