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In the city that never sleeps,Guest Posting finding a place to live for a short term work assignment or until you can find a more permanent residence on moving to the Big Apple can seem relay overwhelming.  One of the most popular approaches to getting a feel for New York City is to sublet a furnished apartment from someone who needed to move elsewhere for a while.  The turnover in a city of over eight million people is massive, so there are sublet opportunities all the time.  There are a few simple steps you can take to make the process of finding New York City furnished apartments less trying and more rewarding. 

First, familiarize yourself with the area surrounding where you will be working or going to school.  Checking out the subway and bus schedules and routes is also helpful.  You want to look for New York City furnished apartments in an area where it will be simple to get to and from your commitments each day. 

Second, prepare yourself for sticker shock when looking for housing in the most expensive city in the United States.  The rent for subletting New York City furnished apartments can easily be more each month than it is to rent an apartment in the Midwest for four to six months. 

Third, if you are used to apartments or houses in less congested areas, you may not realize how much space is a premium in Manhattan.  Expect the apartments you look at to be small.  There will be hardly any storage space and little living space.  When you have to fit 8 million residents and 48 million visitors in one city, each person does not get a lot of space. 

Fourth, start finding several options for New York City furnished apartments.  You can go it alone with an internet connection and a lot of time, but an NYC realtor can be extremely helpful and time-saving during this process.  They will probably be able to recommend areas that you may not have thought of as being accessible to your work area.  They will also see new properties before they get posted to the internet and can alert you right away. 

Fifth, contact the person subletting your choice of New York City furnished apartments directly or through your real estate agent.  Because subletting is so popular, they will probably be receiving many contacts.  When an agreement is reached, get everything in writing and ask for receipts from deposits and payments.

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