Newport Beach Photographer Addresses Potential Client Resistance to Associate Photographers

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As a Newport Beach Photographer, you likely have a number of high end clients who expect top notch performance. As your business grows and you hire associates, you need to consider carefully the work they perform so as not to lose any of your valuable clients.

You are a Newport Beach photography business owner. You love your work. Your clients love your work. You also love your family - whom you never see because demand for your services has increased at a wonderful rate. You really don't want to turn profitable business away. This is a good problem to have. But it is still a problem. You decide to hire an associate to help with the workload.

Your clients love you. They don't yet love your associate. You are facing the problem every photography business owner faces when they make their first hire - how to address the real and perceived value difference between yourself and your talented associate.

There is not any one answer to this question. Any decision has its advantages and disadvantages. Your brand and reputation are at stake. The following are two suggestions on how to address this issue:

1. Lower the price for the work done by your associate photographer and raise the prices of the work you do. Make it clear to your client's that any work that your associate does will be reviewed by you. This has several valuable results. The increased prices will increase the profit margin of any shoot that you complete. The price increase will broadcast an increased reputation (as long as your work really is quite good). Many of your clients who cannot afford your higher prices will decide to go with the associate and your review.

The disadvantage is many clients will go to another establishment where they can deal with the lead photographer. However,Guest Posting if the price adjustments are correct, your profits should not suffer. The increased volume that having an associate allows you to do along with your increased prices should offset the revenue of any clients who may decide to go elsewhere.

2. Allow your associate build his reputation (and yours) with a particular area of the business. For example if you do weddings and senior portraits, divide the work responsibilities. The associate will develop the senior portrait brand and you will work on the wedding brand. One major advantage of this arraignment is your associate is more likely to appreciate his work. You are allowing him to head up a brand, develop the client base and make creative and strategic decisions. If he has real talent and a desire to grow this will hold real appeal to him. The disadvantage of course is that employee may decide he can do all of this and make more money on his own. He may take your clients with him.

There are no easy answers to the best way to expand a photography business. The selling of high end photography services is distinct (thank goodness) from selling widgets. It is much easier to expand the selling of widgets.

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Stephen Honda

Stephen and Vanessa are Orange County residents. Vanessa began her photography business by serving Murrieta and Temecula. She shot weddings, family portraits, and engagement shots.

She later started an office in Newport Beach and became an Orange County Photographer. She expanded her services to Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Dana Point and San Diego.

Vanessa now works as a Laguna Beach Family Portrait Photographer. She also teaches classes on technique and business practices to other OC Wedding Photographers.

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